Visit to Brighthelmstone Council

In September Ill.Comp. Richard Baker, was Installed into the Chair of Brighthelmstone Council of Royal and Select Masters No. 15.

Visit to Brighthelmstone Council

There to support Richard were a number of Surrey Cryptic Masons including our District Grand Master, R.Ill. Comp. David Blackburn and R.Ill. Comps. Michael Barnes and Tony Barton, both Past Deputy District Grand Masters of Sussex. Also present was Comp. Ian Clark, Provincial Grand Master of the Mark Province of Surrey.

Visit to Brighthelmstone Council

The meeting was held in the Sussex Masonic Centre in Brighton. Present at the meeting was the District Grand Master Designate, Ill.Comp. Bernard Marchant with his Escorting Officer.

After Richard had been installed as the Thrice Illustrious Master he received and acknowledged three Companions as Super Excellent Masters in a most sincere manner.

After the meeting the members of Brighthelmstone Council and their many guests sat down to a splendid meal in the Sussex Masonic Centre.

Article and photographs by Chris Eley

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