Another Candidate for the Pride of Surrey Council

In September the Pride of Surrey Council No. 168 had special candidate for admission to the Degree of Select Master.

Another Candidate for the Pride of Surrey Council

R.Ill. Comp. Arnold Long has for many years been trying to persuade W.Bro. Steve Wigmore to become a Cryptic Mason. Steve has been a member of the Royal Arch Veils Demonstration Team for the past four years and has taken the part of an Excellent Master at each of the demonstrations so when Steve said to me he really should become an Excellent Master I thought I knew just the Council for him.

Present to see Steve Chosen were a number of guests including our R.Ill. District Grand Master, David Blackburn.

The ceremony of Select Master was undertaken by the T.I.M., Ill.Comp. Richard Venness, assisted by his Officers. The Steward, Comp. Jim Maitland, performed his task very realistically... and paid the price.

A Council of Royal Master was then opened and Comp. Steve Wigmore was honoured as a Royal Master by Ill.Comp. Tony Laird and the Officers of the Council. Comp. Barry Northmore gave a excellent performance as Principal Conductor of the Work.

Another Candidate for the Pride of Surrey Council

After photographs and a few drinks in the bar, the Companions of the Pride of Surrey Council and their guests sat down to a most enjoyable festive board at the Sutton Masonic Centre.

Article and photographs by Chris Eley

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