An Official Visit to Warlingham Council

In November at the meeting of the Warlingham Council of Royal & Select Masters, Companion Ian Chandler was Received and Acknowledged as a Super Excellent Master. The ceremony was conducted by the Acting T.I.M. Ill. Comp. Eddie Mulqueen, as unfortunately the Thrice Illustrious Master was unable to attend. Ill.Comp. Eddie, assisted by his Officers, did a splendid job.

Warlingham Council of Royal & Select Masters installs a new T.I.M.

The next task for Eddie was to Install Comp. Bill Caughie as the Thrice Illustrious Master for the ensuing year. It was a busy afternoon for Ill.Comp. Eddie.

For the ceremony of installation R.Ill.Comp. Arnold Long took the Deputy Master’s chair, R.Ill.Comp. Michael Banbury took the P.C.W.’s chair; and Ian Currans and Trevor Currans acted as Steward and Captain of Guard. Ill.Comp. Bill then invested Comp. Steve Harvey as Deputy Master and Comp. Les Smith as P.C.W.

After the meeting a most enjoyable festive board was had by all at the Nutfield Masonic Centre.

Article and photograph by Chris Eley

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