A Message from our District Grand Master

Dear Companions,

Little did we suspect a few weeks ago that we would not be meeting again for many months. Let us hope that normal operations can be resumed sooner rather than later.

All roads today would normally lead to Croydon and the aroma of bacon butties would permeate an atmosphere of unbridled excitement. In other words today would normally see the District Grand Council of Surrey Annual Meeting being held and I would have enjoyed welcoming Companions of Surrey and our visitors from far and wide.

At the meeting I would have given my annual address and I know how much you were looking forward to this. So here is an edited version, drastically adjusted to reflect the situation we all find ourselves in. To quote the message from HMG ‘we are all in this together’.

Obviously our Annual Meeting has been postponed, along with all other Masonic activity for the next four months. It may be that this period will be extended. We have no idea at the moment but I hope that we will hold a smaller District Meeting probably within a scheduled Council Meeting later in the year, and without the usual support from other Districts.

The new District Officers will take up their new offices as if they had been appointed and invested today and should have received Certificates of Appointment in the post. I offer them my hearty congratulations and look forward to their company and support later in the year. I also congratulate those being appointed and promoted within Grand Council next month.

On our web site you can find the Business Paper for the 2020 meeting with the list of District Officers, those who will receive Grand Rank and Promotions in April and the list of Council Visits planned to take place, subject to resumption of Masonic activity. See www.royalandselectmasters.co.uk/officers.html.

I do hope that you all enjoy your Cryptic Masonry and I invite you to encourage others to join in that enjoyment. I am convinced that personal contact is the most effective means of recruitment. We have used many other methods, posters, leaflets, web articles etc. you cannot beat a conversation with the Mark Masons you know who are not yet in this wonderful Order, please make an effort and try it. We do not have a single Council in the District that would not benefit from a few new members. What better way to re-start our Cryptic Masonry than with a Candidate or two.

Since the beginning of September last year I have visited all our Councils, sometimes accompanied by District Officers and, once or twice, simply on my own. I thank everyone concerned for the friendly and fraternal Cryptic welcome received during each very enjoyable visit.

Ill.Comp. Alan Boniface and Comp. Bob Woolloff were organising a Cryptic goes Italian evening for May at Sutton Halls, in support of the Alzheimer’s Charity. This will now be held next year, on a date to be advised, a great opportunity to bring along potential members. The website also contains the latest messages from Grand Council with general advice about Covid19. Everything is highly unpredictable so keep an eye out for communications. Please stay in touch, especially with members who you think will be particularly in need, remember that we are all Almoners.

I take the opportunity to wish all our members, families and their friends well during this crisis, let us hope that we all come through unscathed. May the Supreme Master of all have you and your loved ones in His Holy Keeping now and evermore.

Best wishes to all.

Yours very sincerely and fraternally,

David J. Blackburn,
District Grand Master

31st March 2020

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Royal and Select Masters District of Surrey
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