Visit to Scribae Council

Our District Grand Recorder invited me to a meeting of Scribae Council No 331 held in the afternoon of the District Annual Meeting in March at Croydon. Present were a number of R.Ill. Companions including our District Grand Master R.Ill.Comp. David Blackburn.

Visit to Scribae Council Scribae Council membership is from District Grand Recorders from a number of Districts and our District Grand Recorder, Ill.Comp. Terry Carpenter, is their present Thrice Illustrious Master.

The name Scribae means Writers. They were the highest class among the inferior paid officials at Rome. They did not perform ordinary writers' services, which were usually assigned to slaves, but occupied the position of clerks, registrars, accountants, and secretaries.

Ill.Comp. Terry invited me to give a lecture entitled: The Most Excellent Master or Sixth Degree. This was well received and prompted some discussion afterwards.

Visit to Scribae Council After the meeting the Companions of Scribae Council made their way home to their Districts after a busy but most enjoyable day.

Article and photographs by Chris Eley

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