Councils and Meetings

King Solomons Temple

The District of Surrey consists of nine Councils as follows:

Chelsea Council No.72:
Meets at Surbiton on 1st Friday in April, 2nd Wednesday in September and 1st Monday in November.

  Surrey Council No.88:
Meets at Sutton on 1st Monday in March, 2nd Tuesday in June and 1st Tuesday in September.
Courtenay Council No.133:
Meets at Croydon on 1st Tuesday in March, 1st Tuesday in May and 2nd Friday in September.

  Warlingham Council No.161:
Meets at Redhill on 1st Wednesday in May, 3rd Monday in June and 1st Tuesday in November.

Pride of Surrey Council No.168:
Meets at Sutton on 1st Wednesday in January, 1st Friday in March and 1st Monday in September.

  Waverley Council No.205:
Meets at Godalming on 2nd Friday in March, 1st Tuesday in June and 3rd Wednesday in July.
Chertsey Abbey Council No.254:
Meets at Chertsey on 1st Friday in February, 1st Friday in May and 1st Monday in October.

  Weyside Council No.277:
Meets at Guildford on 2nd Tuesday in April, 3rd Monday in July and 2nd Friday in December.
Weald of Surrey Council (Installed Masters' Council) No.309:
meets at Redhill on 3rd Tuesday in July.

Principal Meetings
The Principal Meetings of the District Grand Council and the Grand Council are as follows:

District Grand Council meets on the 4th Saturday in March at Croydon.
Next meeting: Saturday 2nd April 2016

Grand Council meets on the 3rd Tuesday in April at Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street.
Next meeting: 19th April 2016