Contacting the District

You can contact The District Grand Council Of Surrey in The Order Of Royal And Select Masters Of England And Wales And Its Districts And Councils Overseas via the following email addresses:

District Grand Master, R.Ill.Comp. David J. Blackburn

Deputy District Grand Master, Ill Comp Jack. Love P.G.Cond.C

District Grand Principal Conductor of the Work, Ill David K Else P.A.G.D.C.

District Grand Treasurer, V.Ill Comp D.M Willmott P.G.Lec

District Grand Recorder, Comp. Terry Carpenter

District Grand Director of Ceremonies, Ill Comp P.J.W Kipps P.G.Cond.C

Contacting the Councils

You can contact the Recorders of the Lodges within the District of Surrey via the following email addresses: